About Us

The Life Enrichment Trust is an expanding team of trained and experienced people who are willing to share their skills and experience to work in the community.

Ian and Barbara Hooker have a passion for healthy family life and have been connected to Building Families for life (BFL)since its inception and still see the relevance this course holds for parents of children aged 0 - 18. The course has been regularly updated to include recent research on the developmental needs of children. Currently there is a lot of interest in early brain development and work in the area of neuroplasticity.

Ian & Barbara are both available to teach BFL or train trainers in different organisations. There are no ongoing costs to run future courses once training is complete.

Ian is also available to take couples who plan to marry or re-marry through the Pre & Enrich marriage guidance programme.

Ian & Barbara are also available for one-to-one counselling covering family relationships.

Other team members have life experience and training in struggling with addiction, and male historical sexual abuse
For a referal please contact Ian or Barbara by phone or e-mail. All enquiries are confidential.
Ian can be contacted by phone: 027 6829629
Barbara: 0220449416