Especially for teens

Now that teens are looking grown up and gorgeous, old enough to drive a car, go to war, drink alcohol, almost educated (you think!) be charged with a crime, have the body you'll spend the rest of your life looking for and are looking forward to what the world has for you, (later to become what you have for the world), remember you're not finished yet!
Your brain, which started growing when you were in your mother's womb, is still growing and will continue until about the age of 25.Teens and 20 somethings - your brain is still under construction. How the finished product ends up depends a lot on what you choose in these next few years.Our brain is the second most powerful thing in the world, so it does matter how it turns out, wouldn't you agree?

Girls, from the age of eight or nine, your brain has begun producing a chemical that will lead you to bond with a special person. This bonding process takes place during hugging, intimate touching or sex. Common sense suggests that this should be the 'right' person for you, rather than forming a bond with someone who is not good to or for you.
Guys on the other hand, your brain is producing a chemical that makes you feel just great! King of the world! it's the chemical of risk-taking, highs, well-being, well done if you can get that far!
Your 'bonding' chemical arrives later and is for your partner and children.
So dating can be more about mismatching, falling in and out of love, taking risks, sexual entanglements, pain and grief, and I almost forgot - unplanned parenthood.
Be prepared to LOOK AFTER NO.1. No one else will do it as well as you can yourself.
Make some rules for yourself. Think about study, career, marriage, children - which order do you want them to happen?

Make some rules about physical touching, who, where, when. Girls, be careful about your clothing choices too, they can easily give a message to guys to just 'dive on in there'.After all most fashion designers are men. Ever ask yourself why women wear flimsy dresses and guys wear suits?
Think ahead for the person you will want to spend the rest of your life with, you'll have to tell him/her. Can't be avoided, because your bond with each other will be so strong that you won't want any secrets between you.

It's a good idea to find someone who is like you, has plans and ambitions, that you can both talk about.
Share your thoughts about touching and expect your date to respect your choices rather than treat them as a challenge to get past. Let them know early in the relationship.
Discuss your rules or commitment to a friend or parent. You need to practise speaking it out loud.

Remember, it's your body and you have the right to decide how it will be treated.Avoid giving in to peer pressure
Your health, future and well-being are at stake here.Be assertive, these things really matter.
Avoid alcohol or drugs, just one drink can break down your resolve, especially about drinking! More than two drinks and your rules to live by no longer matter, but they might tomorrow....

Keep your self safe, date in a group, avoid lonely places,

Introduce your date to your parents, they can see the big picture, so keep them involved. Also the way you are treated by your parents will send a strong message to your date.

Now you are ready for the rest of your life